Here is the information about the Russian Government Scholarship

Steps to apply for the scholarship:

  1. Contact the nearest Rossotrudnichestvo (the  Russian Center for Science and Culture (RCSC)) in your country and fill in an application form
  2. Register on the website Russia.Study, upload all the documents required (passport, passport translation, education documents, translation of education documents, medical certificates, abstracts (if required), scientific publications (if any), and other documents confirming the Applicant’s achievements)
  3. Take the entrance exams organized by Rossotrudnichestvo (the  Russian Center for Science and Culture)
  4. After the scholarship application is approved, an Applicant should:
    1. start a visa application process (via Rossotrudnichestvo or the Russian Embassy)
    2. inform TSU International Division ( about his/her application approval and provide the details of his/her arrival
    3. after buying tickets (not less than 7 days prior to the arrival) students must send scans of their tickets to TSU International Division.
  5. Upon arrival at TSU students must provide the original documents to the Admissions Office and approach officers of  TSU Visa Support Service for collecting documents for a visa extension.



If you have any questions about the procedure of application, please contact TSU International Division or , or call us +7 (3822) 529-558. Our specialists will be happy to guide you in your application.